Rapid eLearning: Develop Training in a World of Perpetual Time-Crunch


As a training manager, you do not have the luxury of leisure. In fact, you live in a world of constant deadlines in which training courses need to be designed, developed, and rolled out as soon as possible, maybe even yesterday!

Really, sometimes it seems most stakeholders think you only have to sprinkle fairy-dust and ta da… the eLearning course is ready. But we know that that is not how it really happens, don’t we? Online training design is a complex process which requires, among other things, TIME.

But you can’t complain, neither can you delegate responsibilities. You need to be ready with the training modules, as soon as possible, without compromising on the quality of the content. That is why it makes sense to opt for rapid eLearning in 2020. Take a look at this blog which makes a good business case for Rapid eLearning.

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