E-taragathi is now offering special scholarships!!

E-taragathi Scholarships:
Education is the only ladder through which the deprived and poor’s fate can be erased; enabling them to see new hope and vision and making all their dreams come past and can lead a respectable life with all basic amenities being met by equipping their resourcefulness. Can also be great resource to our country and make great contribution for India’s growth. Money and Accessibility shall not be a hindrance anymore.
“E-taragathi” is developing an inclusive Educational society taking along all the poor and the downtrodden who perceived education is only for the higher strata, to breakdown such perceptions and confinement of education to the walls.
At E-taragathi we have a separate exam for candidates who are from low-income households who would like to take up the course. All they have to do is clear it and get a certificate from their Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) about their economic status and avail the course for free.

Syllabus for the Exam:
✓ The whole syllabus of the exam released in the respective notification.
✓Passing score is the 40% of the total paper.

All the best
Let us equip ourselves and standout.
E-taragathi Team.

    • Attempting the exam does not qualify you to take the course.
    • It is the sole discretion of the institute wheather to give scholarship or not even after securing more or equal marks required for scholarship.
    • Securing marks of above 50 % of the total question paper is one of the criteria to get the scholarship.
    • The cutoff marks subject to change and it is the discretion of institute.
    • When more students are qualified then the institutes slab for scholarship allotment,then Institute will randomly pick the students of its own choice.
    • Even after qualifying for the scholarship these students would be chargeable for the following:
    – Maintenance and handling charges,
    – Internet and data storage charges.

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