In the digital & AI age Education is liberated from the confined walls.

In the digital & AI age, Education is liberated from the confined walls
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In the digital & AI age, Education is liberated from the confined walls


E-taragathi is a new mode of Education dissemination in the age of information. It is an eLearning platform, organizing in units of courses, flexible, interactive, result driven, affordable that allows anyone to freely choose and enjoy high quality education right from their own place.
We are trying to digitalize education and helping students and aspirants reach their goals in the competitive exams and also in other competitive fields.


It is a basic right of every human being to be educated.

  • Our Mission is to integrate technology & education.
  • To reform education and enhance India’s comprehensive competitiveness.
  • For centuries, people have taken it granted that it is natural way for Education to be organized inside the closed walls, happening in defined premises and imparting knowledge to only small groups.
  • The closed door of traditional premises education is going to be knocked out open by the widened nature of Internet through E- taragathi.

E-taragathi will provide online coaching for all the competitive exams like Group -1,Group-2 conducted by both Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)& Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC),Civil Services Exam Conducted by the Union
Public Service Commission(UPSC).We will guide you through out the course how to prepare and what areas to be focused to succeed in the exams.

E-taragathi Experience:

  • Course Video on Demand: Aspirants can watch the selected course and content whenever at his or her Schedule’s convenience.
  • Live Classes: Interactive Sessions with aspirants by the faculty to clear the doubts and other discussions.
  • News Podcasts: Aspirants will be given the news analysis.
  • One-to-One guidance: E- taragathi have a dedicated team to give personal one-to-one guidance to the subscribed users.
  • Timely delivery of the course: The defined course is scheduled before time and delivered .
  • Quiz: To assess student’s knowledge on the same topic being taught.

Discussion Forum: Collective Knowledge

  • Students will interact with the teacher.
  • Students interact with one another, help suggestions about modules to come, exercises to be done.
  • Construct their course with their fellow learners.

Why Now:

    1. Learn from the safety and comfort of your Home
    2. Learning cannot stop because the institutions functioning does.
    3. Time is the most expensive currency, which the students /aspirants cannot afford to waste at this age just because of Institutional shut down and lack of finances
  • E-taragathi is providing scholarships because of the economic crisis our citizens are facing due to pandemic.
  • Information transfer through the traditional lecture does not get you up very high in the cognitive capacity ranks of higher order thinking.

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